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Make sure your next presentation ticks ALL the boxes.

Part One covers the brand new DIVA Speaking System. Become a DYNAMIC, INSPIRING, VALUABLE and AUTHENTIC speaker. Full of useful, easy-to-implement tips.

Part Two takes you through the speech writing process, where to look for gigs and much more!

Learn from the examples of pop divas such as Beyonce and Adele and be uniquely YOU on stage.

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I want to be a public speaking DIVA!
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How to be a DIVA at Public Speaking is truly an inspirational book full of ready-to-implement tips and guidance in order for you to become a confident star on stage. Shola has developed a unique, highly effective and easy to understand system to master public speaking. I cannot wait to transform my speeches and presentations into high impact, engaging and authentic performances! I already feel like a DIVA. Thank you Shola for such a valuable book which I’m sure many will find motivating and uplifting.

Saija Mahon, Founder CEO of Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd

Learn the four step DIVA Speaking System. One size doesn’t fit all so you are shown multiple different ways to be successfully YOU on stage.

Find out how to prepare mentally and physically, making sure you give the audience what they want while getting what you need.
Includes access to a FREE online course that accompanies the book. Watch video summaries, listen to the audio visualisations and download a PDF workbook.

One of the best public speaking books I've read.
How many of us have sung our hearts out in front of the mirror with a hair brush in hand listening to the crowds explode in applause as you gave the performance of your life? As a singer for over 30 years, I LOVED how Shola paralleled singing with public speaking. She teaches how to channel your inner pop DIVA to get your message across in exciting ways. She illustrates her points with creative analogies to show how fun getting in front of an audience and speaking to them can be. She gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do before, during and after your presentation. You will discover your DIVA style and embrace it to your best ability.

This book was a joy to read. The author weaved in many great stories that helped keep my attention the entire time (which is hard to do). I guarantee, after reading it, you will be able to take your presentation from dull to show-stopping. Your audience is waiting. Break a leg!

Julie Carruth, Amazon Customer
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Shola Kaye, founder of Speak Up Like A DIVA, is a public speaking trainer and a professional singer based in London. Her mission is to help women around the world to speak up and be heard. A self-confessed introvert who was once afraid of presenting at work, Shola is now an award-winning public speaker and over the years has performed internationally in front of tens of thousands of people.
Women in business
Make sure your presentation packs a punch! This is the style of quirky, creative types such as Pink and Madonna.
Writers and creatives
Forge a connection using storytelling and inclusive language. Wordsmiths like Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys do this SO well.
Educate, entertain, and put the audience first. Performers Beyonce and J-Lo do this with ease.
Wear your heart on your sleeve and be your true self on stage. Soulful singers, such as Adele and Aretha, excel at this.
Full of easy and practical tips...that work!
I fell in love with this book since I started reading it. It's packed with useful tips and techniques on how to improve your communication skills. They are very easy to apply because they are simple and yet powerful and to the point. I've already tried a couple of them and they worked! I like how the book is structured, the first part on how to enrich your speech and the second part on how to write your speech and prepare for the show. I found the last chapter very useful too. Although this book is aimed to improve your public speaking skills, I found some techniques can be used in daily communication too. I have read other books in public speaking and also attended several courses. This is the most useful book in public speaking I've read so far!!! Thank you so much Shola Kaye for putting it together!

Maria AG, Amazon Customer

I want to be a public speaking DIVA!
Get me the step-by-step system now
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